• Quipass017 Bluetooth OBU

    The on-board-unit (OBU) installed on the vehicle windshield enables automated transaction deduction when the vehicle passes through the tollbooth with RSU (road-side-unit).Support BLESupport online personalized issuing and online chargingStable and Reliable DesignHigh-integrated module for fast transaction speed and good compatibilityGood appearanceUltra-thin and light to save installation space and avoid blocking the driver’s vision, harmonize to the in-vehicle environmentBroad adaptationThe emission power and wake-up sensitivity can be configured by the softwareFashionable appearance Parameters Specifications Technical standard 《Electronic toll collection-Dedicated short range communication》GB/T 201851 OBU tag type Two-pieces R/W tag supporting user IC card Bluetooth module Ultra-low power dissipation Bluetooth module Online charging Coordinate with the mobile terminal such as mobile phone to proceed online charging anytime and anywhere Zero-wake up Adapter-wakeup technology and support ETC multiple road free flow Adjustable sensitivity Adjustable  sensitivity within the range defined in the standard, more adaptive for different motorcycle type Power Solar charging + backup battery, dual power mode…

    Transportation 16/11/2019
  • Quipass122 ETC Antenna Unit

    Effective suppression for the neighbor road interference, the communication field is optimized to ensure the antenna unit only built the dedicated link with the OBU in its own road. Remote control: support remote healthy status monitor and application upgrade Industrial design: water-proof, dust-proof, anti-thunder, MTTF: >100,000 hours Parameter Specifications Boundary dimension 350 mm X 296 mm  X  85 mm Weight 3.85KG Power 24VDC 500mA Environment Operating temperature: -20~70℃ Storage temperature: -40~85℃ Relative operating humidity: 4~100%Water-proof and Dust-proof IP LevelIP67Communication speed10/100MbpsCommunication protocolTCP/IPMicrowaveComply to 《Electronic toll collection-Dedicated short range communication》GB/T 201851Adjustable communication fieldTo achieve adaptive communication field through adjusting power level configuration( 32 level) and installation angle of antenna unitTypical transaction timeLessthan150ms with OBU Less than 100ms with CPC card Standard cable length 25m

    Transportation 16/11/2019
  • Smart Mobile Onboard Unit

    Mobile on-board unit is a trusted terminal installed in the vehicle, which integrates various functions to make driving experience more delight and efficient.Mobile on-board unit supports the function of ETC for non-stop electronic toll collection, NAVI, DVR and other common entertainment function, and provide payment environment with trusted computing module and security access module embedded inside. Parameters Specifications Operating temperature -25℃~+75℃ Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃ Relative operating humidity <95% Battery 4300mAh Network 4G TD-LTE, 4G FDD-LTE, 3G TD-SCDMA, 3G WCDMA Wi-Fi 802.11bgn Bluetooth BLE 4.0 GPS GPS+COMPASS ETC Technical standard 《Electronic toll collection-Dedicated short range communication》GB/T 201851

    Transportation 16/11/2019
  • TimeCOS@ Transport Card

    As the demand for faster and more convenient way of taking public transport increases worldwide, expectations providing faster transaction and quicker access also increase. This is when Watchdata steps in and provides transport operators with smart card solutions in establishing and maintaining end-customers’ confidence and loyalty while saving cost at the same time. With over 20 years of experiences in transport card sector, Watchdata has millions of its contactless microprocessor smart cards serve in the public transport industry where commuters realize the ease and convenience of having a single card for seamless and speedy contactless e-payment of transport services.TimeCOS Fly is a contactless microprocessor smart card that paves the way for the future of contactless payment as it offers even greater flexibility and efficiency for smart card solutions. The TimeCOS Fly is the ideal solution for operators who require contactless functionality and multi-application operations. TimeCOS CEPASUsing its TimeCOS Fly contactless…

    Transportation 16/11/2019
  • TimeCOS® Ticket

    TimeCOS® Ticket combines the contactless smart card technology with the low cost of a paper ticket, which has become the ideal solution to replace the traditional tickets. Advantages Security and service at lower cost Customized dimensions Single use/ multiple use Customized artwork design Technical Parameters Interface ISO14443 TypeA /ISO14443 TypeB Size ISO15457 TFC.1 Antenna Silver-ink printed antenna Benefits High performance with high durability Customizable under customer’s requirements

    Transportation 16/11/2019

    W9110 is a smart POS that combines cutting-edge technologies with the highest security requirements and can be paired with POS management services. Compliant with all local regulations, they enable all cashless payment methods and cater for any industry. The combination of smart POS with different industries can generate diversified scenarios, such as supermarket chain, catering and entertainment, clothing and apparel and fast delivery. The cloud system management platform (MDM) system allows users to manage their applications in a fine-grained way, such as upload, update, delete, send messages and specific documents to the terminal with one click, and set the download/preview permissions for the documents.     Size: 200mm*80mm*56mm/25mm (thick) Weight: 470g (including battery) Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃ Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃ Relative humidity: 10% to 90% (no condensation) Fall strength table top: (0.8 m) fall protection Roll test can roll: 500 times Antistatic: ±8KV contact discharge;±15KV air discharge The system configuration: The…

  • Multi-functional Scanning Reader W2160

    W2160 is a highly integrated USB card reader, which integrates image scanning technology to the traditional smart card reader thus to meet various needs of customers. W2160 supports the following functions: QR code / bar code scanning Contact / Contactless card operation Magnetic stripe card reading function Configuration to support second-generation ID card information reading function Specifications  Module Description Scanner 2D:QR code/ PDF417code; 1D: Code 128, Code 93, F-6, ITF-14, EAN-13, MSI- Plessey, Code 39, Code 11, etc.. Contact card SupportT0, T1 protocol, I2C memory card, SLE4428, SLE4442, AT88SC1608 Support 1.8V/3V/5VCard Contactless card Tape / TpyeB, MAFIRE ONE Magnetic card Support the second track and the third track reading PSAM slot Support 4 PSAM slots, Communication USB full speed device, HID protocol Power Supply USB powered Indication 3 LEDS & Buzzer Device Interface 1.5m USB cable Dimension 127*79*65 (mm) Product Support W2160 User Datasheet W2160 Product Specification W2160 Dynamic library


    WD-SSK is a self-service terminal that provides comprehensive services for the public, including support contact/contactless IC card self-issue/sales, advertising, USB charging and other functions. Based on the “24-hour self-service” system design concept, WD-SSK alleviates the problem of excessive traffic in traditional business halls, makes up for the shortcomings of the original business hours, avoids the troubles of customer in the business hall, and provides customers with easy, convenient and considerate service. By using WD-SSK, users can realize the services of timely processing, card activation, number portability, and different service package selection. Through value-added development, other value-added services such as purchase of goods can also be realized through supporting equipment. WD-SSK has the advantages of saving personnel expenses, reducing operating costs, 24 hours of continuous work, error-free operation, etc., and can be placed in public places such as telecom business halls, charging points, stations, terminals, airports, and large shopping malls.  …

  • eID Security Issue Solution

    EID security solution includes both data collection and EID card issuance.EID security solution from Watchdata has flexible data collection mode, support real-time online and offline information collection.First processing center system customizes template, then the certification center completes the production and distribution of cards. As it supports on-site certification and centralized system, the card issue process is easy and convenient.eID Card ManufactureSupporting various technology of EID card manufactureApplications in CardSupporting various eID standards, including ICA, eDL, eSign, ISO 19794 etc.Personalization Center Construction and MaintenanceManufacture center planning and constructionManufacture devices and consumableManagement SystemCard Management SystemKey Management SystemCard Production SystemProduction Management System Successful cases  Independent State of Papua New Guinea EID

    Service&solutions 13/11/2019
  • eSE

    Smart phones come into everyone’s hands. We use them to pay, manage finances, entertain, work, record our lives, store private information, take public transportation, open our doors, and control our cars. Smart phones are so important that I don’t know if you, who hold them in your hands every day, have ever cared whether they are safe enough. Embedded Secure Element (ESE) is a chip embedded directly into the phone’s hardware, which offers a dynamic environment to store data, process data and perform communication with external entities with highly secure protection. eSE product from Watchdata applies to the Internet, identity authentication, key management, storage and encryption data links in the Internet of Things. Parameter Description Algorithm SHA256AES3DESDESECCRSASMlSM2SM3SM4SM9 Interface 7816UARTS PI12C Package parameter DIPSOPQFNDFN Operating temperature -40-85℃/-40~105°C Safety qualification CC  EAL5+

    ID 13/11/2019