A leap into EMV and multi-application payment card

EMV migration is a worldwide challenge for the banking industry. The cost of smart card is much higher than magnetic stripe card and seems to be the main obstacle of migration.


With a proven track record and expertise in the smart card industry, Watchdata brings diversified payment cards, which can help banks attract more customers, expand business, reduce the migration cost and accelerate the migration process.

Diversified products give customer the freedom of choice
Watchdata offers diversified payment card products to meet different market requirements. The products includes Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and many other payment standards. Banks can choose the suitable product according to the market requirement and cost.

The highly customized and flexible cards use Watchata’s state-of-the-art technology to deploy the most advanced smart card security standards available, ensuring reliability and accuracy identifying each payment transaction when in close proximity with the card readers.

Payment PLUS! More than EMV
By adding other application, such as transportation, identity, access control and many others on EMV card, bank card product from Watchdata brings bank into a new field, giving the end-user convenience while expanding the bank business into other fields. Customers, who in the past needed two or more cards for various payment options, now only need one card, which combines the benefits and lifestyle privileges of a regular credit card with the speed and convenience of contactless payment and transit features.
Watchdata has various applications that can cover every corner in the smart card industry and satisfy market needs.

Excellent customer service
With one independent card production center and four international bank card personalization bureau to provide bank card personalization, customer service from Watchdata delivers better convenience to help customer reduce the cost of EMV migration.

Our worldwide offices and technical support teams enable us to provide faster response to customers’ needs, deliver technical consulting and other services timely.

Product Specifications
Application: M/chip Advance 1.2.2, VSDC 2.8.1g1, VSDC 2.9, PBOC 2018
Interface: Contact T=0, Dual-interface
User space: up to 64K
SDA/DDA supported
Multi-application supported