Terminal-connected Security Solution

Based on the built-in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Security Chip (SE) of the smartphone, a trusted application (TA) is deployed in the TEE through the security service system, and a security application (Applet) is deployed in the SE to implement the function of the cryptographic module. The application running and the intelligent terminal uses the cryptographic module to provide security functions, and protects the identity authentication and data security when the terminal is connected to the network, thereby ensuring the security of the user’s business operations.

Based on the TEE (OS) and security module, certificate and electronic signature authentication method, the authentication strength is much higher than the authentication methods such as password and dynamic password, which effectively prevents the user identity from being forged. Can be applied to banking, government, education, securities, medical and other fields for identity authentication.

Electronic signature verification of documents and key business data can ensure the integrity of data and prevent data from being tampered with. Used in trading signatures in games, banking, securities, internet, etc.

Success cases