Terminal-connected Security Solution

Terminal-connected security solution is based on the mobile terminal TEE+SE and combined with PKI technology. It not only realizes authentication and transaction in the security module (SE), but also realizes PIN code input, transaction information echo and transaction confirmation with the Trusted User Interface (TUI), thus to achieves the effect of “what you sign is what you see”.

Terminal-connected security solution provides support of password computing capability to mobile Internet applications, which is used for identity authentication, electronic signatures, data protection, and more.

High Security
Based on the certificate system of PKI and CA certification center, with legal validity and traceability
SE module leveled EAL5+ and above to ensure the security of the certificate storage environment
Better Using Experience
Mobile integrated with USB Token function, easy to carry
Safe Mobile Payment, Larger Transfer Amount
Low Cost
Reducing counter workload by OTA certificate issuing
Reduce queuing time and traffic cost for users