Watchdata USBKey


Product introduction

watchdata USBKey is an expert in the field of information security authentication in client identity authentication products.Built-in self-developed high-performance security smart card chip, hardware equipment as the carrier of digital certificates, personal

Authentication keys can be generated in USBKey, and personal keys can not be out of USBKey, using “USBKey”+

The two-factor authentication of PIN code greatly improves the security of personal key.

Application scenarios

Through the USBKey provided by Grip, the authentication certificate key is generated inside the USBKey. Using the SSL protocol between the client and the Web server of the electronic system, an encrypted virtual private channel (VPN) is established between the digital certificate and the authentication center in the USBKey, thus ensuring the security of identity authentication and the security and integrity of data transmission in the electronic system.

Parameter Description
Prevent falling Standard for 1.5 m Falling on Hard Ground
Waterproof Anti-splash
Moisture-proof 0-95% humidity environment available
Shockproof Shock acceleration 150m/s 2 measured in X, Y and Z axes Trial, product guarantees normal operation
USB Interface Type Standard USB Interface
USB Interface Specification SB 2.0 specification, can work normally on USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 interface
Working temperature -10℃ ~55℃
Storage temperature -25℃ ~75℃
Working power supply 5V±5%
Working CuW  
orking life >10000 hrs
Full machine life >=5

Bluetooth U-shield


Product introduction

Simple classic black and white color matching,The product has built-in data line, which is convenient for users to use directly at any time.

PC terminal

Bluetooth U shield on PC of Windows, Linux and MAC system maintains communication mode with system driver through USB interface

Mobile end

In Android/IOS system, Bluetooth U-shield uses Bluetooth wireless communication module to complete data and instruction communication with Bluetooth U-shield and mobile driver.


Application scenarios

Large-scale transfer can achieve the “see-sign-as-you-see” level of online banking security

Compatible with Internet Banking and Mobile Banking as Two Mainstream Financial Service Channels

Mobile bank transfer/transaction process is consistent with online banking Guarantee the continuation of user’s usage habits

Compatible with all mainstream mobile phones

Parameter Description
Battery capacity 95 mAh
Continuous use time Use 5 minutes at a time and 10 times a month.


Continuous use for 10 months (single charge)

Charging time 2 hours
Service life Full-charge discharge cycle life (>300 cycles)
Standby Inventory Time 30 months
Bluetooth Communication Range Less than 10m (support customization)


Fingerprint Key


Product introduction

Fingerprint Key effectively integrates biometric identification technology with PKI technology, and replaces dense with fingerprint.

Codes are used to authenticate users, which saves the tedious work of memorizing complex passwords, changing passwords and handwritten signatures.

Complex authentication and signature can be accomplished by pressing fingerprint lightly. At the same time, it solves the problems of users and users.

The problem of identity binding between USB Key is that only users who have registered fingerprints can legally use Key to do each one.

Type of authorization operation. 


Application scenarios

Fingerprint USBKey integrates common USBKey, fingerprint identity authentication and other functions, and supports various applications of PKI system. The whole system takes the ARM32 bit embedded processor of the security chip as the core, and uses RSA or algorithm to protect digital certificates and keys stored in USBKey. The whole system runs completely out of the PC environment, thus providing users with top-level data security solutions.

Fingerprint USBKey adds fingerprint image processing and authentication functions to the existing common USBKey products. Besides supporting various applications of the existing WatchSAFE suite, it is compatible with password and fingerprint identification.

Syndrome function. 

Parameter Description
Chip processor 32-bit main frequency 144 MHz
Flash 512K
USB Specification MicroUSB USB 1.0/2.0
Working humidity 10 ~60
Bluetooth Communication Range 1-99%
Storage Temperature – 20 ~70
Antistatic property +15KV (air discharge)
Fingerprint Acquisition Method Area Based Fingerprint Acquisition
Based Fingerprint Acquisition 208*288 pixel
Fingerprint image resolution 508 DPI
Fingerprint collection time < 1.8s