About Watchdata

Watchdata is a recognized Professionals in digital authentication and transaction security. Founded in Beijing in 1994, we now have several regional offices, and serve customers in over 70 countries. Watchdata customers include mobile network operators, financial institutions, transport operators, governments and business enterprises. Our solutions provide daily convenience and security to over 1 billion mobile subscribers, 80 million e-banking customers and 50 million commuters.

Watchdata offers a wide range of product line, smart mobile terminal, contact and contactless EMV, UICC, e-ID and transportation smartcards, online security tokens, card readers, digital car key and electronic toll collection (ETC) devices. Our end-to-end solutions include secure hardware, operating systems, software applications, and services such as personalization and remote lifecycle management.

Watchdata research teams constantly innovate to keep pace with a rapidly converging digital world. We developed the smart card operating systems, the application of PKI and OCL technologies in USB e-banking security devices.WatchTrust mobile security total solution, the user-friendly security solution, is a set of platform solutions ensuring application security on smart devices. Digital car key one-stop solution supports standard protocols at home and abroad, and provides cloud management platform, terminal devices of NFC, BLE, UWB and physical key.

About Watchdata

Our Mission

Relentless pursuit of innovation to make our lifestyles in the digital world more convenient and secure

Our Vision

Lead in providing secure and trustworthy computing environment for everyone and every digital interaction

Our Value

  • Be an excellent citizen
  • Drive customer success
  • Maintain an innovative spirit
  • Promote win-win cooperation