Quipass Electronic Road Pricing System

Quipass electronic road pricing system (ERP system) is an intelligent transport system for city traffic and road pricing management based on the Compass + ETC solution. The advancement and maturity in GNSS technology provides an effective solution to overcome the constraints of physical gantries, allowing for more flexible charging schemes for road pricing. The applying of GNSS and various communication channels, such as mobile network,Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN), ETC Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Wi-Fi enables a wide range of innovative ITS applications and services that can be offered to the motorists.

The GNSS positioning OBU is a smart device in the ERP system to provide the primary functions for the vehicle positioning, communications with the backend offices and the enforcement system, as well as the user friendly interface with the motorist. The OBU recognize the vehicle position and route from GNSS positioning data, and compute the price and collect the toll by deducting E-wallet in the ETC card according to the tariff which is downloaded from the backend system and stored locally. The OBU adopting Compass positioning is also fully compliant with ETC besides being an intelligent GNSS on the vehicle, so it can be applied in both ETC and road pricing system.

The Enforcement System (ES) inspect the vehicle violations such as OBU not installed, OBU tampered, dodging or owing toll. ES consists of Roadside Enforcement System (RES), Portable Enforcement System (PES) and Mobile Enforcement Vehicle (MEV). The RES is deployed at the stationary locations. The PES can be installed at existing roadside infrastructure such as lamppost to provide fast respond to the enforcement operation of the ERP system. The MEV can conduct enforcement at roadside and car park at anytime and anywhere.