Secure Tax Digitalization Solution

To make work of tax departments more efficient, Watchdata provides Secure Tax Digitalization Solution. Secure Tax Digitalization Solution ensures the correctness and anti-counterfeiting of tax data, it also effectively prevents tax evasion activities and reduces tax loss. The solution monitors the production behavior of taxpayers and changes in tax, supervises and regulates the enforcement of tax personnel.

Secure Tax Digitalization Solution is comprised of two parts: server end system and terminal system. Server end system includes tax management system and key management system. Terminal end system includes terminal tax management system, and tax control hardware.

Digital taxing and multi-channel service integration, improving service quality
To archive taxpayer centered information service and active service
Multi-Ievel expandable platform, multi-Ievel deployment, operation and maintenance
Modular design, easier for customization and extension
Security architecture, access security between different systems, data storage

Fisacal Processor ModelSFP-1G
Capacity of NAND Flash128M
External InterfaceMicro USB
Lifetime of RTC battery    5 years
Working temperature0℃-50℃
Storage temperature-30℃-60℃
Humidity60%-85% RH
Humidity60%-85% RH

It can meet the tax authorities’ management requirements for invoices, and ensure the correct generation of invoice tax control data. It has reliable storage, prevent tampering, correctly generate and reliably store invoice tax control codes and invoice tax control data; store monitoring and management data, and save enterprises’ tax return costs.