Digital Car Key System

Watchdata provides one-stop digital car key solutions and products, including digital key management cloud platform DKMS, cell phone APP/SDK, car-side device, and the Fobkey, NFC card, SE.

The digital key management cloud platform is responsible for digital key management, vehicle management and user management, also has the functions of creating, deleting, sharing, reporting the loss, recovering and querying digital keys. The cell phone cooperating with APP could communicate with the vehicle, complete the key security authentication, implement the cell phone digital key functions. The cell phone through interaction with the management platform and the vehicle to implement the digital key functions including owner binding, owner unbinding, deletion, sharing, reporting the loss, recovering, etc. The car-side device mainly includes BLE master controller, BLE antenna, UWB antenna and NFC communication main/slave module, which mainly realize the functions of digital key positioning, key authentication and security control of the car.

Solution Framework

Digital Car Key System

DKMS Framework

Digital Car Key System



  • Comply with CCC, ICCE, ICCOA and private protocols, to achieve the standard of variousfunctions and security requirements;
  • SE security module is EAL5+ certified vehicle gauge level chip to ensure the security of digital key data and key storage environment.

One stop service

  • Provide a complete solution of vehicle digital key, including cloud, mobile, car and other parts;
  • Comprehensive professional custom development ability to assist customers to customize special solutions;
  • Can assist customers to build SE and NFC card personalized production capacity.