eUICC Solution

eUICC management platform:management system connected to operator by OTA 

eUICC:specific SIM complied with GSMA eUICC specification

eUICC Solution


Safety:authenticating identification dynamically by multiple certificate

Reliability:data transmission through secure channel

Flexibility:cross – operators Profile management

eUICC complies with specifications of 3GPP、ETSI、GSMA, and provides secure service for authentication of connection to mobile networks and user identification. Through remote management, eUICC can manage and configure profile by OTA, and achieve changing operators to satisfy increasing requirement of international roaming.

eUICC Solution

Complied with EAL5+, secure smart chip

eUICC RSP platform

In the scenario of Internet of Things(IoT) big connection, hundreds of millions of IoT devices will be connected to the mobile network. Terminal customers will enjoy the convenience of IoT through mobile networks. In the overall scheme of the IoT, higher requirements are put forward for SIM, which requires smaller SIM, lower cost SIM, better electrical performance SIM and more flexible configuration SIM. For example: using remote vehicle management, real-time information synchronization, dynamic information service in vehicle networking; real-time data synchronization of wearable devices; remote management of various intelligent meters; remote management of industrial equipment; real-time management of environmental detection data and other scenarios. WATCHDATA provides a complete set of eUICC management platform, which can choose mobile operators flexibly and reasonably according to different scenarios. Operators can provision and subscribe to the whole set of SIM remotely. The overall solution uses effective, secure and transparent technology to achieve the interconnection needs of operators. The scheme covers M2M scenarios and consumer electronics scenarios according to different application scenarios.


MNO Connect Management

Subscription Profile Management

Subscription Profile Download

Subscription Profile enable

Subscription Profile disable

Subscription Profile delete


eUICC Solution

Manufactures embed eUICC to smart equipment and sell

Users buy equipment

Users’ equipment connect platform to download profile with APP