ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) System

For more efficient and hassle-free driving experience,With the rapid development of expressway and as the volume of traffic increases exponentially across highly populated cities around the world, ETC charging mode has become an important development direction of expressway charges. With ETC system, vehicles are able to pass through the tollbooth without stopping, thus minimizing the need of manual toll collection which is far less efficient.

Watchdata’s ETC total solution utilizes single-chip design technology to reduce error rate and ensure cost-effective high performance electronic toll collection solution. It combines dual-interface and ESAM technologies to meet the requirements of systematic ETC optimization of toll roads and highways, ensuring compatibility and high-speed performance exceed industry standards.

Watchdata’s ETC total solution includes an on-borad unit (OBU), roadside unit (RSU), issuance devices, embedded security access module (ESAM), PSAM card, dual-interface smart card and key system.

Advantages of Watchdata’s ETC total solution

ETC preparation
Watchdata provides relative equipment for establishing ETC system and solutions to better manage procedures and transaction details

ETC implementation
Watchdata ensures that all equipment are delivered on time and operation will be conducted easily and precisely during purchasing, testing and implementation process

ETC post-sales service
Watchdata provides after-sales service package to ensure smooth transition to the new system.

ETC operations
Watchdata provides real-time debit and credit scheme using a multi-application smart card, providing users multiple channels of consumption