5G SIM Card

5G SIM Introductions

As defined by 5G standardization organization (3GPP), Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC, or better known as SIM) is the only platform which can be used to secure 5G network access. Along with the development of network communication technology, UICC is also evolving to meet the new challenges introduced by 5G.

5G will make a new ecology.

According to the definition of SIMalliance, there are three different types of 5G SIM:

– minimum capabilities to authenticate to the network
– does not leverage the benefit of 5G Core Network investment
– more applicable to early drop for a transition to full 5G deployment

Recommended 5G SIM
-leverages the full power of 5G phase 1 for enhanced mobile broadband
-full backward compatibility -the most future-proof SIM
-Recommended by SIMalliance to adopt at 5G launch

Low Power SIM
-Optimized for Low Power IoT use cases
-NB-IoT and LTE-M can be used

Watchdata 5G SIM
High Security
5G SIM Card product from Watchdata is in alignment with 3GPP R15 specification and adopts 5G SUCI calculation defined by USIM procedure, which makes a SIM card more secured and safe by protecting user IMSI from being exposed to the external attacker.

Low Power Consumption
Thanks to the lower power consumption character of 5G SIM Card product, for M2M field, the battery life of M2M terminal set can extend up to 6 years, which enables a variety of M2M application scenarios.