5G SIM Card

5G SIM Introductions

A Universal Integrated Circuit Card or UICC (better known as a SIM) is the only platform which can be used to secure 5G network access according to the 5G standardization body (3GPP). In the same way as the network is evolving, the UICC is evolving to meet new challenges introduced by 5G.

5G will make a new ecology.


SIMalliancedefines 5G in this way:

ThreeDifferenttypes of 5GSIM

-Transitional SIM: Provides the minimum capabilities to authenticate to the network but does not leverage the benefit of 5G Core Network investment. This is more applicable to early drop for a transition to full 5G deployment where the Recommended 5G SIM is more appropriate.

-Recommended 5G SIM: Leverages the full power of 5G phase 1 for enhanced mobile broadband. SIMalliance recommends adopting the Recommended 5G SIM at 5G launch as there is full backward compatibility and it is the most future-proof SIM.

-Low Power SIM: Optimized for Low Power IoT use cases for which NB-IoT and LTE-M can be used.

Watchdata 5G SIM

We have developed 5G SIM product based 3GPP R15 specification.It includes 5G SUCI Calculation by the USIM procedure . It may make our SIM to be more safety. It can protect our privacy like IMSI far away from outputting to the public.


5G SIM can provide low power scheme for M2M field. Then the battery of M2M set can use 5 for 6 more years. It is very important for some specialterminals.