IoT products (IoT Solutions)

In recent years, the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading rapidly around the world. IoT can provide optimization for many industries (i.e. Automotive, meters,

Remote management, industrial data gathering, healthcare, smart home, etc.) As a key product in IoT,

M2M card poses new challenges to product features.

Under many circumstances, standard SIM cards are no longer able to fulfil the requirements of IoT. Hence, Watchdata launches a new range of professional

SIM products – M2MSim.

Designed specially for M2M applications, M2MSim enables mobile operators to take a leading position in this new market while

Providing new business opportunities for M2M Integrator, Original Manufacturers (OEM) and customers

M2MSim adopts the mature SIM technology from Watchdata to specially optimize the characteristics of IoT applications,

Providing security for machine communication on the carrier network, providing security authentication and information encryption for other functions.

M2MSim fulfills the needs of mobile operators and their partners, as well as customers, in the M2M value chain.

The platform has a variety of optional specifications, has successfully deployed multiple M2Ms, and has been selected by many M2M hardware vendors

As the preferred solution for secure mobile connectivity.


M2M Features:

Working in extreme temperature, humidity, corrosion and vibration environments

Longer data retention time

Longer endurance (up to 20 million writes)

M2MProduct Consumer Quad Industrial Quad Automotive Quad Industrial Plug-in Consumer Plug-in DFN6
M2M  M2M M2M M2M  M2M  M2M
Temperature -25 to + 85°C -40 to + 105°C -40 to + 105°C -40 to + 105°C -25 to + 85°C -25 to + 85°C
Humidity 50°C / 90% RH, 1000 hours 85°C /90% RH, 1000 hours 85°C /90% RH, 1000 hours 85°C /90% RH, 1000 hours 50°C / 90% RH, 1000 hours 50°C / 90% RH, 1000 hours
Time of duration 10 years 10 years 15 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
Recycle 10 Millions 10 Millions 10 Millions 10 Millions 10 Millions 10 Millions