All kinds of security threats affect the future of the M2M product marketing, which makes people focus more on the security quality of the M2M products.

meSIM is a whole security solution for M2M field, which contains two parts named MeSIM-card and WD-STSS .

MeSIM-card product covers M2M product market with different shapes and materials, and it enhances security by supporting four major functions: card-machine binding, Multi-IMSI numbers manage, Identity Authentication and security storage.

WD-STSS contains several modules: key distribution and preload, binding authentication cryptographic service, IoT business center, IoT devices and user/APP.


Cost saving
Card-machine binding mechanism limits the scope for valid users, which helps to avoid lost from unauthorized usage.
Multi-IMSI solution is convenient for International Roaming. It gives user the ability to preset two or more sets of personalized data into the card, and user can load the right IMSI (low telecommunications service charges) data over the air after he goes to the area.
With security assurance above EAL4+, meSIM card provides security storage of keys and encryption-decryption operations are performed inside the card. Thus, sensitive data are protected in meSIM card and only valid user is authorized to read and write the data stored inside.

Successful Case:
Security smart lock solution