Key Management System

Key management system is a software system independently developed by Watchdata. It manages various keys in the business system from the perspective of key usage, and injects, generates, exports, backs up, restores, updates and destroys keys. The life cycle is managed, and key algorithm operations and operations are implemented by hardware cryptographic devices.

Key management system provides key management and service functions for business systems, and is widely used in mobile payment, telecommunications, banking, social security, public transportation and other related electronic payment computer network systems.

Key management system serves in various scenarios.

For transportation industry, key management system helps to uniform key management and security certification. By using IC card, digital certificate and other security certification methods, it ensures that the various applications achieve secure transactions, processing and certification business processes, thus promote industry information construction.

For power industry, root key of power company and secondary root key of city are provided, and each service root key in the electric charge, measurement, and collection process is generated based on the master key, and then downloaded to the corresponding cipher machine.

Key Management System



Algorithm type      


Key Capacity 

Supports 100 million symmetric keys and 5 million asymmetric key management

Log Capacity

Support 10 million log audit and event statistics query

HSM Support

Support mainstream brand HSM

Successful cases

Ministry of Communications key management system

National Grid Key Management System