• Watchdata in GFF 2023

    Global Fintech Fest  2023 in the 2nd year of its physical event held between 5th to 7th September 2023 in Mumbai was inaugurated by the Honourable Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Government of India, Nirmala Sitharaman. The three-day conference brought together under one roof policymakers, regulators, bankers, industry experts,  academicians and professionals of the fintech landscape from all over the world. The event had extensive Media coverage. The event hosted 900 speakers from 30+ countries, regulatory dignitaries from 100+ countries, 300+ exhibitors, 300+ investors, 100+ product launches, release of 80+ whitepapers, and a footfall of 65,000 delegates from 100+ countries. Among the exhibitors few of the noted exhibitors included RBI, NPCI, VISA, Discover, Various State Government, Global counties etc. Watchdata one of the Global expert in  Digital Security product had participated in the Global Fintech Event by putting up a booth to showcase its range of Innovative product offerings. On Display were…

    news 15/09/2023
  • Watchdata Physics Reliability Laboratory has passed the CNAS certification

    Author: ChatGPT Recently, Watchdata Laboratory’s reliability testing services have been recognized by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), becoming an accredited laboratory in the industry. This also means that Watchdata Laboratory’s management and technical capabilities have been recognized and can provide testing services that meet international standards for customers. Established in 2015, Watchdata Laboratory specializes in four categories of testing projects: mechanical performance, electrical performance, environmental testing, and RoHS testing, with more than 60 testing devices covering various testing standards to meet the testing needs of different fields. Watchdata Laboratory provides services such as product design phase validation, product trial production phase validation, product mass production phase validation, new material reliability validation, engineering change reliability validation, product failure analysis, monitoring and measurement equipment management, and third-party commission testing. The laboratory’s testing also has a very strict operating process, including requirements development, test plan generation, test plan evaluation,…

    news 24/02/2023
  • Watchdata won the bid for USBKey and Financial IC Card of ICBC

    At the start of this year, we received delightful news from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Hereinafter referred to as ICBC). Watchdata was selected as supplier in ICBC 2022 bank-wide procurement and would be providing USBKey and Financial IC Card from 2023. Watchdata has been cultivating the core technologies of identity authentication and secure payment for 29 years, insisting on independent innovation. With all the past efforts, we have successfully won the bid for USBKey and Financial IC Card. In the future, Watchdata will continue to stay innovative, promote win-win cooperation, assist ICBC in supporting the development of China’s real economy, actively integrate into the “GBC+” ecology construction by providing professional technology, products and services, thus to further realize Watchdata’s value creation.

    news 02/02/2023
  • Digital Car Key System

    Watchdata provides one-stop digital car key solutions and products, including digital key management cloud platform DKMS, cell phone APP/SDK, car-side device, and the Fobkey, NFC card, SE. The digital key management cloud platform is responsible for digital key management, vehicle management and user management, also has the functions of creating, deleting, sharing, reporting the loss, recovering and querying digital keys. The cell phone cooperating with APP could communicate with the vehicle, complete the key security authentication, implement the cell phone digital key functions. The cell phone through interaction with the management platform and the vehicle to implement the digital key functions including owner binding, owner unbinding, deletion, sharing, reporting the loss, recovering, etc. The car-side device mainly includes BLE master controller, BLE antenna, UWB antenna and NFC communication main/slave module, which mainly realize the functions of digital key positioning, key authentication and security control of the car. Solution Framework DKMS…

    Service&solutions 19/01/2023
  • BLE digital key car-side terminal device

    BLE digital key car-side terminal device contains two components: BLE main controller and BLE antenna. It supports single Bluetooth, 1+3 and 1+5 solutions, connection distance >50m, positioning accuracy of ±20cm, and supports mainstream cell phone calibration. BLE main controller Data interaction with body controller through CAN to implement car control functions such as unlocking and starting; legality authentication with BLE digital key of cell phone; cooperation with Bluetooth antenna to realize digital key positioning. Support CAN network management, UDS diagnosis and software upgrade, etc. Core index Parameters Bluetooth Protocol BLE5.0 Communication Support high-speed CAN / CANFD; Support AUTOSAR4.0.3;Support NFC (optional), Reading distance is 5cm Operating Voltage 12VDC, 9-16V SE built-in multiple protocols ICCE、CCC、ICCOA、and private protocols Upgrade Support OTA Installation Location Central armrest box BLE antenna Monitoring to obtain the communication strength of the BLE key and passing it to the BLE main controller for digital key positioning decoding. Core index Parameters Bluetooth Protocol BLE5.0 Communication Support Lin / high-speed CAN Operating Voltage 12VDC rated, 9-16V Protection grade IP67 Installation Location Left and right rear view mirrors / left and right door handles / rear bumper

    Digital Car Key 18/01/2023
  • NFC digital key car-side terminal device

    NFC digital key car-side terminal device includes two parts: NFC main communication module and slave communication module. The NFC main communication module has built-in SE, which is responsible for transaction authentication, and the slave communication module is mainly responsible for card reading and topological transmission. The NFC main communication module interacts with the body controller through CAN to implement unlocking, starting and other car functions, which supports CAN network management, UDS diagnosis and software upgrade. NFC digital key car-side terminal device can be installed directly on the metal sheet metal without spacing requirement, and the reading distance reaches 4cm. Core index Parameters Reading Rate NFC-A/ISO 14443A up to 848kbpsNFC-B/ISO 14443B up to 848kbps Operating Voltage 12VDC rated, 9-16V Communication Support CAN / CANFD Protection grade IP67 Low power non-contact card search 25mm±5mm Open field reading distance 45mm±5mm Upgrade Support OTA Operating temperature -40℃~85℃

    Digital Car Key 18/01/2023
  • NFC card key

    NFC card physical key with built-in digital key Applet application ensures secure storage of digital key and key data, and also provides digital key authentication with the car-side. Core index Parameters Non-contact RF interface ISO14443 Type A Resonant Frequency 13.56MHz±0.5MHz Non-contact communication rate 106kbps, 212kbps, 424kbps, 848kbps Reading distance The effective distance between the card and the reader is 0-5cm Customization Support special process card customization

    Digital Car Key 18/01/2023
  • UWB Positioning Antenna

    UWB positioning antenna products are divided into two types: Multi-node UWB antenna and Single-node UWB-AOA antenna. Multi-node UWB antenna Multi-node UWB antenna supports 1+5 and 1+6 schemes, and self-developed UWB positioning accuracy can reach ±10cm and overflow range accuracy can reach ±20cm. Core index Parameters Secure Ranging Support CCC3.0 Communication Support LIN / CAN / CANFD Operating Voltage 12VDC, 9-16V Protection grade IP67 Upgrade Support OTA Installation Location Center rear view mirror, left and right sides of front and rear bumpers UWB-AOA antenna The UWB-AOA digital key solution uses a single node UWB-AOA to achieve UWB positioning. The principle is to achieve spatial measurement of distance by UWB and three-dimensional angle measurement by AOA antenna array, so as to calculate the key position. It has obvious cost advantage compared with UWB multi-node scheme. Core index Parameters Positioning Technology UWB-AOA Positioning Accuracy ±10CM Overflow Range Accuracy ±20CM Positioning range Radius>20m

    Digital Car Key 18/01/2023

    A safe intelligent physical key with built-in safety module, which can realize vehicle control through BLE communication and NFC communication. Support UWB location; Supports the passive NFC card function. When there is no power, you can still unlock the door and start the vehicle through the NFC card mode. Built-in security logic encryption chip, better way to protect user property security. Bluetooth function Bluetooth protocol: BLE5.1Slave mode broadcast NFC function Support passive NFC function Secure encryption Built-in SE, support private protocol customization and Applet development Other functions Built-in motion sensor, support static low-power operation mode;Power supply can be selected from button battery, wireless charging and TYPE-C charging;Support OTA upgrade Protection grade IP67 Appearance Customization of design and compact size

    Digital Car Key 18/01/2023
  • Digital Key Secure Element (SE)

    SE has built-in digital key Applet application software, which implements secure storage of digital key , certification and data, also guarantees security authentication of digital key, as well as implements digital key management function. SE has the management functions of security domain, application and personalized data, and also supports application and personalized data upgrade. Core index Parameters Digital Key Protocol ICCE, ICCOA, CCC and private protocol customization Vehicle specification certification AEC-Q100 Operating temperature -40°C~+105°C Page erase times 500,000 Data storage time 17 years Communication Interface ISO7816, SWP, SPI, I2C Algorithm support RSA2048 / 4048、ECC256 / 384、SHA1 / 256、DES / 3DES、AES128 / 192 / 256 Security authentication EAL5+

    Digital Car Key 18/01/2023