BLE digital key car-side terminal device

BLE digital key car-side terminal device contains two components: BLE main controller and BLE antenna. It supports single Bluetooth, 1+3 and 1+5 solutions, connection distance >50m, positioning accuracy of ±20cm, and supports mainstream cell phone calibration.

BLE main controller

Data interaction with body controller through CAN to implement car control functions such as unlocking and starting; legality authentication with BLE digital key of cell phone; cooperation with Bluetooth antenna to realize digital key positioning. Support CAN network management, UDS diagnosis and software upgrade, etc.

Core indexParameters
Bluetooth ProtocolBLE5.0
CommunicationSupport high-speed CAN / CANFD; 
Support AUTOSAR4.0.3;
Support NFC (optional), Reading distance is 5cm
Operating Voltage12VDC, 9-16V
SE built-in multiple protocolsICCE、CCC、ICCOA、and private protocols
UpgradeSupport OTA
Installation LocationCentral armrest box

BLE antenna

Monitoring to obtain the communication strength of the BLE key and passing it to the BLE main controller for digital key positioning decoding.

Core indexParameters
Bluetooth ProtocolBLE5.0
CommunicationSupport Lin / high-speed CAN
Operating Voltage12VDC rated, 9-16V
Protection gradeIP67
Installation LocationLeft and right rear view mirrors / left and right door handles / rear bumper