TSM(Trusted Service Management)

In a multi-card application scenario based on multi-function eSE (including cards, security chips, and NFC-enabled smartphones), services, technology and security are required for eSE OTA and multi-application management.
As a pioneer in providing secure digital transaction solutions, Watchdata offers a fast and secure Trusted Service Management (TSM) solution for downloading and managing multiple applications for eSEs.
By Watchdata TSM platform, users can load applications in their physical cards (smart SIM cards, city cards, financial IC cards, access cards, etc.) anytime, anywhere, and on demand. Thus, one card can be used for multi-propose, which saves card cost and rationally utilizing card space. It provides users with great convince by supporting download and manage applications in eSE online and put different applications in different industries on the same physical carrier.
As system of credibility and openness, Watchdata TSM provides whole-package security protection, including security domains and applications management, security downloading of both COS and applet, and personalization through OTA.

TSM(Trusted Service Management)

Safe and Reliable
Wathdata TSM solution takes every aspect of security into consideration from first stage of design. By preventing potential attack methods, formulating data protection strategy and regulating user data access right, Watchdata TSM solution ensures secure data transmission and storage while prevents illegal data stealing and modification.

Openness and Versatility
Wathdata TSM solution Adopts open design ideas what is using open architecture, hardware, software and network protocols. With full consideration of user requirements, Wathdata TSM solution provides common interfaces and services, and facilitate users to quickly develop business and expand more value-added services.

Turn-key solution
With the well-designed operating interface and process, Watchdata TSM is simple and convenient for customers to deploy and operate.

TSM(Trusted Service Management)

Scalable and Maintainable
In the construction of the system, the scalability and maintainability of the system are guaranteed from the aspects of software and hardware architecture, related applications and product technologies.
Successful Case
Watchdata wearable products – transportation and financial applications download on OTA.

TSM(Trusted Service Management)
TSM(Trusted Service Management)