TSM, Trusted Service Management is a system that combines the functions of credibility and openness, and provides functions such as applet release management and security module management. The Watchdata TSM solution is used to solve the distribution of security data storage and applets. By building a WD-TSM system (including SP-TSM and SEI-TSM), it can manage security domains and applications in eSE. By deploying COS encryption tools in production plants containing eSE products, secure downloads of COS and Applet can be realized. Through the APP, docking WD-TSM can be realized, and security products can be personalized through OTA.


Safe and Reliable

This solution considers the security of the system in many aspects. Consider various possible attack methods and adopt corresponding preventive measures; formulate data protection strategies; ensure data transmission process security; prevent illegal stealing and modification; plan data security domains and control user data access rights. Provide secure and independent storage for platform users.

Openness and Versatility

Adopt open design ideas what is using open architecture, hardware, software and network protocols. Fully consider user requirements, provide common interfaces and services, and facilitate users to quickly develop business and expand more value-added services.

Easy to use

The system has a good operation interface. the business is simple, convenient and fast. the process is clear and conforms to the habit. so that the operator is easy to learn and understand, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Advanced technology

Under the premise of practical and reliable, we should track the advanced software and hardware technology, information technology and network communication technology as much as possible, so that the system adopts advanced architecture and technology to develop mainstream products to ensure the efficient operation of the system.

Scalable and Maintainable

In the construction of the system, the scalability and maintainability of the system are guaranteed from the aspects of software and hardware architecture, related applications and product technologies.


 In a multi-card application scenario based on multi-function eSE (including cards, security chips, and NFC-enabled smartphones), it is necessary to provide services, technology and security for eSE OTA and multi-application management. Complete the mutual trust between the card issuer, the application provider and the TSM service provider. Realize unified access to business management, card management and marketing management. Through the TSM platform, users can load applications in their physical cards (smart SIM cards, city cards, financial IC cards, access cards, etc.) anytime, anywhere, and on demand. Based on this scheme, one card can be used for multi-propose, saving card cost and rationally utilizing card space. It allows users to download and manage applications in eSE online, and put different applications in different industries on the same physical carrier, making users more convenient and faster.


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