Watchdata won the bid for USBKey and Financial IC Card of ICBC

At the start of this year, we received delightful news from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Hereinafter referred to as ICBC). Watchdata was selected as supplier in ICBC 2022 bank-wide procurement and would be providing USBKey and Financial IC Card from 2023.

Watchdata has been cultivating the core technologies of identity authentication and secure payment for 29 years, insisting on independent innovation. With all the past efforts, we have successfully won the bid for USBKey and Financial IC Card.

In the future, Watchdata will continue to stay innovative, promote win-win cooperation, assist ICBC in supporting the development of China’s real economy, actively integrate into the “GBC+” ecology construction by providing professional technology, products and services, thus to further realize Watchdata’s value creation.