UWB Positioning Antenna

UWB positioning antenna products are divided into two types: Multi-node UWB antenna and Single-node UWB-AOA antenna.

Multi-node UWB antenna

Multi-node UWB antenna supports 1+5 and 1+6 schemes, and self-developed UWB positioning accuracy can reach ±10cm and overflow range accuracy can reach ±20cm.

Core indexParameters
Secure RangingSupport CCC3.0
CommunicationSupport LIN / CAN / CANFD
Operating Voltage12VDC, 9-16V
Protection gradeIP67
UpgradeSupport OTA
Installation LocationCenter rear view mirror, left and right sides of front and rear bumpers

UWB-AOA antenna

The UWB-AOA digital key solution uses a single node UWB-AOA to achieve UWB positioning. The principle is to achieve spatial measurement of distance by UWB and three-dimensional angle measurement by AOA antenna array, so as to calculate the key position. It has obvious cost advantage compared with UWB multi-node scheme.

Core indexParameters
Positioning TechnologyUWB-AOA
Positioning Accuracy±10CM
Overflow Range Accuracy±20CM
Positioning rangeRadius>20m