Digital Key Secure Element (SE)

SE has built-in digital key Applet application software, which implements secure storage of digital key , certification and data, also guarantees security authentication of digital key, as well as implements digital key management function. SE has the management functions of security domain, application and personalized data, and also supports application and personalized data upgrade.

Core indexParameters
Digital Key ProtocolICCE, ICCOA, CCC and private protocol customization
Vehicle specification certificationAEC-Q100
Operating temperature-40°C~+105°C
Page erase times500,000
Data storage time17 years
Communication InterfaceISO7816, SWP, SPI, I2C
Algorithm supportRSA2048 / 4048、ECC256 / 384、SHA1 / 256、DES / 3DES、AES128 / 192 / 256
Security authenticationEAL5+