What is eID card?
eID (Electronic Identity) card is electronic identity proof issued by the authority that based on cryptography technology, and carried by smartcard chip.

High Security
Chip: CC EAL5+ certification, prevent physical information temper and theft
COS: compliance to international security stander, CC EAL4+
Card body: multiple security technologies including guilloche, micro-text, UV, OVI
Production: sensitive information with high level encryption equipment storage and multiple protection layer

High Efficiency
All in one card: multiple application can be preset in card, such as ID, payment, social security, network authentication
Electronic information exchange, improve work efficiency
Multiple authentication methods: online/offline, on-site/long distance
Electronic work, reduce paper usage
The card uses environmental friendly materials, limited pollution

16-bit microcontroller with 24-bit linear addressing
Not less than 64K storage space
6 Kbytes RAM
Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B contactless protocol
At least 500,000 times of erasing, more than 10 years of data storage life
Support DES, 3DES symmetric algorithm
Hard random number generator

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