Quipass017 Bluetooth OBU

Quipass017 Bluetooth OBU

The on-board-unit (OBU) installed on the vehicle windshield enables automated transaction deduction when the vehicle passes through the tollbooth with RSU (road-side-unit).
Support BLE
Support online personalized issuing and online charging
Stable and Reliable Design
High-integrated module for fast transaction speed and good compatibility
Good appearance
Ultra-thin and light to save installation space and avoid blocking the driver’s vision, harmonize to the in-vehicle environment
Broad adaptation
The emission power and wake-up sensitivity can be configured by the software
Fashionable appearance

Parameters Specifications
Technical standard 《Electronic toll collection-Dedicated short range communication》GB/T 201851
OBU tag type Two-pieces R/W tag supporting user IC card
Bluetooth module Ultra-low power dissipation Bluetooth module
Online charging Coordinate with the mobile terminal such as mobile phone to proceed online charging anytime and anywhere
Zero-wake up Adapter-wakeup technology and support ETC multiple road free flow
Adjustable sensitivity Adjustable  sensitivity within the range defined in the standard, more adaptive for different motorcycle type
Power Solar charging + backup battery, dual power mode

Ultra-long life cycle

Anti-tamperPhysical switch + software monitors dual anti-tamper judgement

Secure and reliable

Adaptive ICcard type ISO 14443 TPYEA, Mifare one
Installation position Adhere on the windscreen inside the vehicle
Human-machine interface LCD Chinese display, red and green LED, buzzer
Operating temperature -25℃~+75℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃
Relative operating humidity <95%
Boundary dimension 92mm × 62mm× 22mm
Shell material PC
Color Black + blue