TimeCOS@ Transport Card

As the demand for faster and more convenient way of taking public transport increases worldwide, expectations providing faster transaction and quicker access also increase. This is when Watchdata steps in and provides transport operators with smart card solutions in establishing and maintaining end-customers’ confidence and loyalty while saving cost at the same time.

With over 20 years of experiences in transport card sector, Watchdata has millions of its contactless microprocessor smart cards serve in the public transport industry where commuters realize the ease and convenience of having a single card for seamless and speedy contactless e-payment of transport services.
TimeCOS Fly is a contactless microprocessor smart card that paves the way for the future of contactless payment as it offers even greater flexibility and efficiency for smart card solutions. The TimeCOS Fly is the ideal solution for operators who require contactless functionality and multi-application operations.

Using its TimeCOS Fly contactless microprocessor smart card technology solution, Watchdata passed the testing criteria set by Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) to develop the TimeCOS CEPAS with the highest level of security, CC EAL5+.

TimeCOS Calypso
TimeCOS Calypso complies with European contactless ticketing standard Calypso. It has been adopted by several European, African and Asian cities as the transport e-ticketing solution of choice. TimeCOS Calypso conforms to the highest level of chip security CC EAL5+. Its multi-application capability allows the interaction of different services, such as retail, transport and ID on a single chip smart card.

TimeCOS@ Transport Card

Technical Parameters

Card 16K TimeCOS FLY 80K TimeCOS FLY
CPU 16bit
User Space 16KB 80KB
Interface ISO14443 Type A/Type B
Contactless Communication Rate 106kbps/212kbps/ 424kbps/848kbps
Symmetric Algorithm DES, 3DES, AES
Operating temperature -25℃~85℃
Data retention period >10 years
Certification CC EAL 5+ CC EAL 5+EMVCo

UnionPay Chip Safety Certification

Certified Product MOT  
Domestic Urban Local Standards
PBOC3.0 contactless IC card payment


Visa Contactless Payment Specification  
MasterCard Paypass


Calypso 2.4&3.1
Calypso CLAP  
Industry Transport Ticket Card Large-capacity urban transportation ticket card, transportation, finance multi-application ticket card