TimeCOS@ Transport Card

TimeCOS@ Transport Card, integration of multi-application card in urban traffic, Interconnectivity between cities.

TimeCOS® Fly is a smart contactless card that paves the way for the future of contactless payment as it offers even greater flexibility and efficiency for smart card solutions.

The TimeCOS® Fly is the ideal solution for operators who require contactless functionality and multi-application operations.

TimeCOS@ Transport Card

TimeCOS® Calypso complies with European contactless ticketing standard Calypso. It has been adopted by several European, African and Asian cities as the transport e-ticketing solution of choice. TimeCOS® Calypso conforms to the highest level of chip security CC EAL5+. Its multi-application capability allows the integration of different services, such as retail, transportation and ID on a single chip smart card.

TimeCOS@ Transport Card

TimeCOS® CeWave combines Visa payment, Visa payWave and transport payment services on a single-chip smart card. It deploys the cost advanced smart card security standards, ensuring reliability and accuracy, identifying each payment transaction in close proximity with card readers.

TimeCOS@ Transport Card

Technical Parameters

Card 16K TimeCOS FLY 80K TimeCOS FLY
CPU 16bit
User Space 16KB 80KB
Interface ISO14443 Type A/Type B
Contactless Communication Rate 106kbps/212kbps/ 424kbps/848kbps
Symmetric Algorithm DES, 3DES, AES
Operating temperature -25℃~85℃
Data retention period >10 years
Certification CC EAL 5+ CC EAL 5+EMVCo

UnionPay Chip Safety Certification

Certified ProductMOT
Domestic Urban Local Standards
PBOC3.0 contactless IC card payment


Visa Contactless Payment Specification
MasterCard Paypass


Calypso 2.4&3.1
Calypso CLAP
Industry Transport Ticket Card Large-capacity urban transportation ticket card, transportation, finance multi-application ticket card