The equipment is a self-service terminal that provides comprehensive services for the public to support contact/contactless IC card self-issue/sales, advertising, USB charging and other functions.

This self-service terminal is based on the “24-hour self-service” system design concept, which can alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in traditional business halls, make up for the shortcomings of the original business hours, avoid the troubles of customer in the business hall, and make customers feel easy, convenient and considerate service.


Through the terminal, the user can realize the services of timely processing, card activation, number portability, and different service package selection. Through value-added development, other value-added services such as purchase of goods can also be realized through supporting equipment. The equipment has the advantages of saving personnel expenses, reducing operating costs, 24 hours of continuous work, error-free operation, etc., and can be placed in public places such as telecom business halls, charging points, stations, terminals, airports, and large shopping malls.

Module Functions/Description Remarks
Cabinet Made by CR steel and Stainless steel, with powder coating.
Control Unit Motherboard:IPC-H81,

CPU: Intel Core I5-4460, Memory 4GB, Hard disk 500G, Power, Independent case, 10 USB,10 RS232,2 RJ45

Power Supply AC 110/220V
OS Windows 7
Display 43-inch LCD monitor

Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 330 CD/m2 (Typ.)

Contrast: 1200:1

Touch Screen 43 inch infrared touch screens, profile frame, ten touches

Positioning accuracy: ± 2mm

Transmittance: ≧90%


Response time: ≦ 10ms

CardDispense IC card read/write and issue

Capacity: 150pcs of 0.76mm cards.

2 (optional)
Receipt Printer Thermal printing, paper width 80mm
QRScanner Scanning QR code from mobile phone screen.
I/O Controller Control the indicating lights for peripherals on the surface
Access Control Switch access control switches to prevent demolitions from happening
Accessories Speakers, anti-peep mirrors, fans, cables, etc.
EMVCard reader Reading IC card, RF card and magnetic card, EMV certified.
EPP Encrypted pin pad, PCI certified.
Passport Scanner OCR for Passport and ID


BW/HDR Double lens camera, 2MP.
UPS 500VA, support working for about 5 to 10 minutes.
Data Communication 4G, WIFI, Cable
USB Charging 2 external USB charging ports, 2A.

Three extension cables (micro USB, Lighting, type C)