Quipass122 ETC Antenna Unit

Quipass122 ETC Antenna Unit

Effective suppression for the neighbor road interference, the communication field is optimized to ensure the antenna unit only built the dedicated link with the OBU in its own road.

Remote control: support remote healthy status monitor and application upgrade

Industrial design: water-proof, dust-proof, anti-thunder, MTTF: >100,000 hours

Parameter Specifications
Boundary dimension 350 mm X 296 mm  X  85 mm
Weight 3.85KG
Power 24VDC 500mA
Environment Operating temperature: -20~70℃

Storage temperature: -40~85℃

Relative operating humidity: 4~100%

Water-proof and Dust-proof

IP Level

Communication speed10/100Mbps
Communication protocolTCP/IP
MicrowaveComply to 《Electronic toll collection-Dedicated short range communication》GB/T 201851
Adjustable communication fieldTo achieve adaptive communication field through adjusting power level configuration( 32 level) and installation angle of antenna unit
Typical transaction timeLessthan150ms with OBU

Less than 100ms with CPC card

Standard cable length 25m