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More and more cities around the world are migrating to smart cardtechnology as opposed to paper, magnetic and memory chip ticketing for more secure, efficient, flexible, interoperable,cost effectiveand fastermeans of transport payment. As the demand for faster andmoreconvenient way of taking public transport increases worldwide, expectations providing faster transaction and quicker access also increase. This is when Watchdata steps in and provides transport operatorswithsmart card solutions in establishing and maintaining end-customers’ confidence and loyalty while saving cost at the same time.

With over 18 years of experience in transport applications, Watchdata has seen more than80 million of its contactless cards serveinthe public transport industry where commuters realize the ease and convenience of having a single card for seamless and speedy contactless e-payment of transport services.

Solution Presentation 

As different regions of the worldhold different standards to promote wider and deeper use of contactless cards in transport and towards a“cashless society”, Watchdata ensures that its transport products and solutions are in-line with government initiatives on wider adoption of smart card technology. Watchdata provides various transport solutions based on regional specifications and standard requirements.


Transport cards  (TimeCOS® Fly, TimeCOS® DI, TimeCOS® Calypso,TimeCOS® Mini Card,TimeCOS® Ticket)
Transport roaming card solution for cross regional & cross countries
Personal top-up terminal for transport card

Main Features 

High performance with high durability
Variety of form factors to choose from
Customizable under customer’s requirements