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  • SIMpass is a SIM card-based mobile proximity payment solution. Inserting a SIMpass card into the handset, subscribers could then tap the handset for contactless micropayment. Users could also fulfill OTA top-up through STK or SMS.
  • Through this solution, subscribers could pay for public utility or other merchandise via SMS or GPRS. They can also download e-ticket and discount coupons over the air. Watchdata brought in WPKI technology to ensure the security.
  • WD-UPCP Union Payment platform is especially for mobile payment and micropayment business co-run by telecom, transportation and banking operators. It supports multi-account management, various top-up channels and types of e-purse. It owns an account
  • WD-UTP Union Top-up Solution is for top-up of mobile payment and micropayment sponsors including transportation, banks, MNOs and others. It supports various top-up methods like OTA and online top-up for different cards, including PBOC, M1, etc.
  • Watchdata´s GP standard-compliant RFID Application Management Solution could be seamlessly integrated into the current UIM card management system. As a highlight, its high security can bridge the gap between different industries due to security doubt