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SIMachine for Telenor


M2M technology continues to see an increase in demand and telecom operators want to extend their network into other industries and build a real internet of things. As a leading provider of telecommunications services worldwide, Telenor has built on more than 150 years of telecom experience. M2M for them could be a sustainable choice of development.

Watchdata Solution:

Watchdata provided SIMachine modules for Telenor Group. Once the module is welded on the vehicles, the track and location of the "smart" vehicles can be traced in real time. It is a good choice for large-scale logistics company, vehicle management center, etc. They can monitor their vehicles, improve their management and finally find a sustainable growth mode.

So far, Watchdata´s SIMachineTM module has passed Telenor´s test.

In addition to vehicle monitoring, SIMachineTM has also been used in several other fields including electricity and explosive management.

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