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SIMloyalty Card

MNOs usually launch a phone credit campaign, which means their phone charge can be translated into phone credits, through which they can claim some equal-value goods. These goods have to be prepared in storage by the MNO before the subscribers come to claim. The subscribers could only go to a MNO retail outlet for this.

SIMloyalty is a special SIM card that MNO allied merchants could use to check subscribers´ telecom credits that are awarded by the MNOs. The card makes it easier for the MNOs to launch credits campaign, for now they don´t have to prepare the goods in their storage and wait till the subscribers come and exchange their phone credits for the goods any more. The subscribers could go to the closest allied store to claim their goods based on their phone credits. After the subscribers´ claim application via SMS, the merchants could then communicate with the MNO back-end system and check the subscribers´ credit information. Finally a SMS is sent from the back-end system to the subscribers, who will click and confirm the claim.

The benefits are obvious. For MNOs, they can streamline the credit claim process and reduce the storage cost. For the users, they now can enjoy more convenience since they don´t have to go to retail outlet for claim, but could go to any MNO allied store that is closer to them. For MNO allied merchants, they could attract more subscribers to their stores.

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SIMloyalty has been adopted by China Mobile Sichuan Branch to develop merchants that are developing credits campaign.