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SIMachine Card

SIMachine card/module is a special SIM card, which can work under harsh environment and can meet users´ security requirements through PK functions. It can help customers reduce maintenance cost.

SIMachine Standard: Package useful for soft and stable environment

-Electrical power field (remote meter)

-Vehicle mounted, logistics

- Data acquisition and monitoring

-Smart home

-Public security and fire fighting

-Financial and retail field (automatic service terminals)

This product is offered as a standard SIMcard package with M2M technical features

SIMachine High: Package useful in environment not soft as the SIMachine standard. This product can be used for Data acquisition and real-time monitoring for indoor and outdoor facilities

-Communications field

-Weather, water conservancy and environmental protection industries

-Mining and energy industry

-Large manufacturing (equipment in steel works, etc.)

-Network monitoring for urban public utilities

This product is offered as standard SIMcard with more plastic robustness, resistant to high temperature (105°C) and humidity requirement.

SIMachine Full: Package useful for higher quakeproof requirement.

-Traffic system

-Logistics management

-Car alarm

-Weather Watches &Warnings (earthquake)

This product is offered as QFN8 package resistant to high temperature (105°C), shocks, vibrations and humidity. For the environment with small module, this package can match and it's also impossible to take off the module when it is put in place.

Benefits for clients:

-SIMachine card/module uses special chip and card base materials to enable itself with a longer service life and ability to work under harsh environment.

-Different form factors to choose from ID-1, Plug-In and SMD.

Key technical specifications:

SIMachine Standard

-Standard SIM

-Normal package for soft environment

-Long Lifespan

SIMachine High

-Standard SIM with more robustness

-Package useful in environment not soft

-Resistant to high temperature (105°C) and humidity

-Long Lifespan

SIMachine Full

-Semiconductor packaging (such as QFN8)

-Resistant to high temperature (105°C), shocks, vibrations and humidity

-Long Lifespan

-Can be welded and impossible to take off

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