Watchdata assisting China Guangfa Bank in creating G-Force Smart Bracelet, aiming at mobile payment market.

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       On April 12, 2017, Beijing——Watchdata, a recognized pioneer in digital security was invited to participate in the G-Force smart Bracelet Conference in Beijing 77th Theatre, it witnessed the event together with leaders and guests of GF Card issuing center, GF Beijing branch, Beijing UnionPay and Beijing One Card solution. This event was just released after G-Force release in Guangzhou last year, next, Watchdata will promote cooperation all over the country.

Layout of scene consumption, for mobile payment market development.

       With the development of smart phones, smart wearable devices have been integrated into the lives of all people. According to disclosure of insiders, financial payment function based on wearable devices is the key trend and direction of the Internet era. Conforming to the trend of financial payment, following the habits of the trend of young people in the consumption, payment on the scene, no card, it has broken the traditional concept of sports wristbands, and integrated into its financial services based on sports management, and launched G-Force smart Bracelet, for further layout scene consumption, which will bring more intelligent, healthy and convenient consumer experience for young consumers.

       Over years, China credit card industry developed from high speed development to fine development, and users are more rational in in the office card and credit consumption. In order to provide a richer service and user value, and attract young customers, Guangdong Development Bank complies with market trends to create a series of products with unique service features. Mr. Gao Xiang, chief technology officer of Watchdata expressed in his speech: “it is our honor to become the product and technology partner of first launch of Guangdong Development Bank payment wearable services product, it means that we have been trusted, and it is also our responsibility.We are soberly aware that the payment tool is just the starting point, and it is our mission and purpose to provide industry customers with good service.

       At this time, the release of G-Force smart Bracelet has further expanded the lineup of GF mobile payment products, and it is the major initiative to develop mobile payment market, do a good job of value-added services, enhance the user activity and customer volume, and get through the credit card linkage effect. On the one hand, G-Force follows current development trend of Fintech to further expand the consumption of mobile payment scenarios; on the other hand, it opens O2O closed loop business system, achieves an effective line diversion by smart Bracelet payment mode; what’s more, through a wealth of digital tools, it builds the cardholder's consumer scene ecology and adds new value to customer relationship.

National initiative “air pushing and charging”, creating convenient new life

       As one of the few mobile credit cards SPORTS BRACELET on the market, the G-Force created by Watchdata and GF has four functions of sports, transportation, finance, charity, the national initiative “air pushing and charging” function is pushing the credit card industry move towards a new era of safe and convenient payment, which brings great convenience for user life and travel.

       According to introduction, G-Force smart Bracelet is a carrier for the national initiative “air pushing and charging” technology. The technology can be linked with the existing GF credit card account, and users can download credit card equipment by G-Force APP via Bluetooth connectivity, then we can immediately endow the G-Force with smart Bracelet payment function. Whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, cafes and other places of entertainment, the “one hand payment” can be achieved. Even if the bracelet is lost, we can simply remove the device number in G-Force APP, for instant release of Bracelet payment function, then we can avoid the loss of credit card fraud caused by the loss of bracelet.

       Besides,  G-Force has both sports health management functions of ordinary Bracelet, including weather and air quality data, calculating the number of walking steps, monitoring the quality of sleep, and innovative integration of walking steps for GF credit card integration points, walking steps for charitable donation, as well as other functions, it advocates young people to have active movement, green travel to further widen young people to participate in charitable life.

       With the development of high technology and the continuous improvement of living, when in the pursuit of intelligent life at the same time, people also pay more attention to a healthy, portable, simple way of life, the appearance of G - Force smart Bracelet just complies with this demand, which brings more intelligent, healthy and convenient consumer experience for consumers. As Mr. Gao Xiang said at the end of his speech: “On the road to explore mobile payments, Watchdata aims at being wearable integrated technology services provider, we will work hand in hand with the Guangdong Development Bank to provide more convenient, fast, secure authentication and payment services for tens of thousands of GF credit card users.