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SIMachine card/module is a special SIM card, which can work under harsh environment and can meet users´ security requirements through PK functions. It can help customers reduce maintenance cost.



Package useful for soft and stable environment

• Electrical power field (remote meter)

• Vehicle mounted, logistics

• Data acquisition and monitoring

• Smart home

• Public security and fire fighting

• Financial and retail field (automatic service terminals)

This product is offered as a standard SIMcard package with M2M technical features


Package useful in environment not soft as the SIMachine standard. This product can be used for Data acquisition and real-time monitoring for indoor and outdoor facilities

• Communications field

• Weather, water conservancy and environmental protection industries

• Mining and energy industry

• Large manufacturing (equipment in steel works, etc.)

• Network monitoring for urban public utilities

This product is offered as standard SIMcard with more plastic robustness, resistant to high temperature (105°C) and humidity requirement.


Package useful for higher quakeproof requirement.

• Traffic system

• Logistics management

• Car alarm

• Weather Watches &Warnings (earthquake)

This product is offered as QFN8 package resistant to high temperature (105°C), shocks, vibrations and humidity. For the environment with small module, this package can match and it's also impossible to take off the module when it is put in place.


• Standard SIM

• Normal package for soft environment

• Long Lifespan


• Standard SIM with more robustness

• Package useful in environment not soft

• Resistant to high temperature (105°C) and humidity

• Long Lifespan


• Semiconductor packaging (such as QFN8)

• Resistant to high temperature (105°C), shocks, vibrations and humidity

• Long Lifespan

• Can be welded and impossible to take off



• SIMachine card/module uses special chip and card base materials to enable itself with a longer service life and ability to work under harsh environment.

• Different form factors to choose from ID-1, Plug-In and SMD.

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