SIMportal Card@Watchdata

SIMportal card is an information service SIM card based on STK, OTA, large-capacity inquiry and perusal technologies, highlighted by its low cost, end-to-end information posting and no bugging subscribers. It means, when inserting a SIMportal™ card into a handset, users could check real-time information posted by merchants through the STK menu.


telecom operators

• Strengthen its brand by providing innovative information service

• Develop information channels by helping merchants post information and getting feedback from them and end-users.

• Reduce operators´ cost of publicity paper by using SIM card as the information channel.


• High-quality service: Users may experience first-class mobile communications service.

• Digital information service: Users can get valuable information anywhere and anytime.

• Real-time information collection, management and update.

Watchdata hopes to build a brand-new information platform by realizing value-added services which are visualized, text & graphic-supported and updated in real time.

One picture to show how the product works

Key technical specifications

• Based on SIM card, low cost and fast to deploy

• OTA-based, update without bugging subscribers

• STK technology used to support information categorization, perusal and STK customization.

• Client-oriented and end-to-end information delivery.

• Traceable since clients´ operation history is recorded.

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