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SIMkey is a special SIM card that could be connected to the internet and finally a client server via mobile network. It is commonly used for e-commerce, e-government, mobile banking (online payment), etc.

How the product works:

How related parties are involved:


• High security of transmitted data: PKI technology combined with SIM card technology

• High efficiency at work: users could check information anytime and anywhere

Key technical specifications

• Supports OTA BIP, STK application and basic telecommunications capabilities.

• Supports RSA encryption and decryption, signature / inspection sign, SHA-1 and other computing capacity.

• Supports calculated signature, signature verification, HASH calculation, standard X.509 certificate.

• Card life cycle management of Digital Certificates.

• Certificate Application, View, Update, Revocation, Status queries.

• The chip with CC EAL5 + certification, the highest level of chip security test.

• Supports multiple e-commerce applications independent from each other.

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