SIManagement card is a special SIM card used in a terminal at an agent´s and authorizes the agent to issue SIM cards to subscribers, help them fulfill OTA services like top-up, balance check and other related SIM card applications.


• Phone number selection

• OTA top-up

• Services selection

• OTA Personalization

• Information distribution

How the product works:

How related parties are involved:


For safety

• Operators use PK card

• No plain data while data transferred or stored, spec KI

• Encryption data is decrypted on the blank cards

• Supports RSA /DES/3DES


For subscribers

• More convenience: no need to purchase the number from a designated retail outlet

• More choices of numbers: Since the number resources are shared between agents, subscribers can choose their favorite number in real time.

For telecom operators

• Cost effective

• Develop more subscribers even in hard-to-reach rural areas

• No need to set up costly mobile retail outlets

• Manage SIM services including card issuance via OTA

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SIManagement for China Mobile

In Guizhou & Shanxi province, more than 3 million new subscribers have been developed via SIManagement in the past two years.