SIMap Card@Watchdata

SIMap card is a special SIM card to locate subscribers and record their track information closely related with the closest base transceiver station. When they move, the base transceiver stations vary and their information will be recorded and transmitted at the server's request. So subscribers can be traced.

How the product works:

How related parties are involved:


For telecom operators

• Reduce cost and increase subscribers' loyalty

• Develop value-added services

Benefits for subscribers:

• Convenience

• No need of extra-card, a new handset, new network or extra operations

• Wide coverage area

• Location-based services could be administered wherever there is handset signal

SIMap card is currently used for enterprises to manage their sales people.

For enterprises

• Incorporate sales management into the overall company information management via mobile network

• Track how many clients the sales have visited and ensure a punctual response to clients' request

• Better serve the clients and increase the enterprises' competence

For the sales

• Strengthen sales executive ability, reduce sales cost and increase the sales revenues

Key technical specifications


A fast consumer goods company used Watchdata´s SIMap card to manage their sales.