SIMportal end-to-end information distribution solution@Watchdata

Though information technology makes our lives easier, it can also feed us with junk information, which is forced upon the handset users every day whether they want it or not.

An end-to-end information posting solution is necessarily requested to focus on a certain group, like expectant mothers.

SIMportal end-to-end information distribution solution, based on SIM card and special platform, is able to help post information end to end precisely. It is a Dynamic Information Delivery Platform (DIDP) for applications such as information broadcasting, instant messaging, email management and mobile commerce. It allows MNOs to deliver value-added services to their customers and remotely manage SIM cards in their network via OTA. Subscribers will have a dynamic and immediate access to information they only want to see.

After successfully activating the service through a STK menu, the subscriber can browse the information-on-demand via the menu. In addition, the subscriber can store information for later searching and browsing and can dial the contact phone number directly displayed.

The information is updated dynamically through the SIMportal server without interference. Furthermore, the subscriber's browsing records can be sent to the server for analysis.

Products included in the solution:SIMportal card and SIMportal platform.


For operators

• Added service revenue

• Increased ARPU

• Improved subscribers loyalty

• Low cost solution for VAS delivery

For advertisers

• Precise ad targeting

• Highly accurate preference measurement

• Provides dynamic and economical channel to deliver advertisement

For customers

• Non-interference

• Dynamic

• Free

• Classified

• On-demand service


• Full use of existing network resources without having to upgrade or replace network equipment

• Highly accurate business data collection and statistical results

• Flexible management of user groups

• High efficient email functionality

• Powerful security mechanism

• Information auto classification and management

• Subscribers non-interference

• Old content is automatically pushed away

• Supporting large capacity of information management and search

• Supporting over 256K-capacity SIM card


SIMportal Card