SIMportal industrial information distribution Solution@Watchdata

Subscribers used to be stuck passive when they read news through SMS. Due to the small capacity of the SIM card, they could only receive news through fragmented SMS, which disturbs them from time to time. Once they finish reading, the news has to be deleted from their handset to save capacity for other use. The subscribers call for a SIM card-based information solution that could truly meet their requirement.

Watchdata´s SIMportal information distribution solution is based on STK, OTA and large capacity SIM. It supports speedy information inquiry and browsing. Through the platform, merchants can post their promotion information with a contact phone number, which subscribers could choose to visit and read via STK. This solution gains obvious advantage, due to its SIM card-based cost-effective, fast deployment and non-interference to subscribers.

Products included in the solution:SIMportal card and SIMportal platform.


Telecommunication Operators

• High quality Service:Allows users to enjoy first-class mobile communication services.

• Digital information Service:Make it possible to get useful information anywhere anytime.

• Dedicated Channel:To collect and update information for numerous users in real time.

• Consumption Service:In various fields of social life, especially in consumption field, users may enjoy exceptional services.

• Information updates Dynamically:To download new information to the card by OTA through SMS channel, which resolves the problem that information can´t be updated dynamically and sent to users in real time.


Telecommunication Operators

• Brand Service: Information service reflects the operator´s branding

• Information Channel building:Information release of operators and businesses;Information feedback of users;operators´ • entity shops reduction;

• Reduction of Cost: Cost reduction of opening entity shops;Users can look up business information by high- capacity SIM card instead of traditional paper material.


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