WD-KMS Key Management Solution for mobile payment@Watchdata

While mobile payment through mobile network is gaining upward momentum in various fields, it is also becoming more and more complicated, and challenged in security. Card issuance, as the most important part during the whole mobile payment process, has to be secured to ensure the overall security. To solve the problem, the card issuer needs a complete suit of key management system to control the card issuance. WD-KMS Key Management Solution is the very choice.

WD-KMS Key Management System highly secures the e-purse application, for it works for both encryption equipment and master card, and supports PBOC e-purse and PSAM card offline consumption.

It enables the card issuer to ensure security at all levels through algorithms including DES/3DES, H33, MD5, RSA, etc.

WD-KMS Key Management System can, under uniform central management, guarantee personalization varying between different areas. Its key management is inclusive of two levels, supporting both central and local key management.

Products included in the solution:

• Encryption equipment

• Contact and contactless reader

• Card issuance system

• Personalization system

• Master card


• All operations are traceable since administrator card authentication is needed and the administrator's authority is limited.

• Card issuers can use flexible setting since both contact and contactless card issuance are supported.

• A third party can take on trustworthy management.

• Card issuer´s core benefit is protected since the encryption system is completely segregated from outside while connecting into multi-business.

• Together with RFID card management system, it realizes card life circle management.


• Flexible setting through open and resilient interface

• Save time and open to different businesses: WD-KMS Key Management System can develop and integrate new customized functions into the system during a very short time.

• Provide better service for their users: WD-KMS Key Management System is open, secure and convenient enough to apply to different personalization requirements on e-purse carriers through different personalization tools, which would satisfy end-users various demands.


Mobile banking project of China Construction Bank Henan Branch

In this case, Watchdata used its WD-KMS Key Management System for key life cycle management during the e-purse top-up, consumption, SMS bank transfer, secondary e-purse card issuance and PSAM card issuance.