SIMotp Mobile Authentication Solution@Watchdata

Mobile banking has become a new favorite as a new service mode for banks. However, the security is the bottleneck. Currently, OTP (One-Time Password) gains nods from both banks and users through its balanced security, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Watchdata provided SIMotp Mobile Authentication Solution for CCB. It combines OTP and SIM card technology. With a SIMotp card in their handset, users only have to enter PIN and another code through STK menu to get an OTP for authentication before they start businesses like mobile payment, money transfer and many others. The whole process is easy and secure.

As an easy-to-deploy solution, SIMotp has been widely used around the world for authentication, especially in computer game cards. For telecom and banks, it is cost-effective and helps its new business development. For users, it ensures convenience and security for their mobile.


SIMotp card


SIMotp for China Construction Bank (CCB)