SIMachine Machine to Machine Solution@Watchdata

The demand for M2M technology continues to grow. It means, machines could, via network, become smart, “talk” with each other and exchange the real-time information. For example, the power company can connect terminal equipment to a household meter via internet and monitor the real-time data for its power consumption.

M2M has been available in Europe and South Korea, primarily used in security monitoring, mechanical services and maintenance operations, public transportation systems, fleet management, industrial automation, city information technology and other fields.

However, with M2M on the spotlight, not all the current equipment can communicate with each other or are connected to the internet. That is a problem, which Watchdata´s SIMachine is supposed to solve.

In SIMachine solution, a SIMachine module (like a SIM card) is embedded into a machine device. This module will then enable the machine to be connected to the internet, usually via mobile network with SIMachine platform. If two machines can both be connected to the internet, they will be able to communicate to each other.

Meanwhile, the numbers for SIMachine module are well controlled to avoid a waste of number resources. The open feature of SIMachine platform is also designed for customized businesses facing industrial users.


• Reduce maintenance costs for end users.

• Address devices´ safety certification problem

• Facilitate operators´ number resources management.

• Avoid forgery of cards and machines concerning Internet of Things.


• Currently, Watchdata is the only company that could provide a complete M2M solution rather than only M2M-specific modules.

• SIMachine has a security authentication mechanism.


SIMachine Card/Module

SIMachine Platform