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We might have heard of several kinds of handset location-based solutions, among which GPS and AGPS are the most common.

GPS, a location-based solution through a GPS module in handset via SMS or mobile internet, has its limitations, for example, it only supports GPS module-embedded handsets which are more expensive, and it cannot provide indoor locating when it comes to places like car park, urban compact district.

AGPS combines both GPS and GSM to provide a more accurate and faster location method. However, AGPS still could not provide indoor location. It makes users reluctant since it needs them to change their handset, consume more battery and extra download work. Besides, it has to go through several times of network transmission, which occupies plenty of air resources of the telecom operators.

SIMap handset location-based solution is based on GSM or CDMA network. It administers location-based services through a SIM/UIM card, network gateway, client-side computer, platform server, data base server and ma engine server.

The highlight of SIMap is that it only needs a special location-based card, rather than a completely new handset or new mobile network. It can locate the target indoor or outdoor. The users do not have to administer extra operations or bear a high cost. In these fields where locating could play an important role, like logistics, express delivery, fast food, and for those people who need to be located including elderly, children, law enforcement officials, SIMap is a good choice, with its functions as follows:



-Attendance management


telecom operator

• Reduce cost and increase subscribers´ loyalty

• Develop value-added services


• Convenience

• No need of extra-card, a new handset, new network or extra operations.

• Wide coverage area

• Locating could be administered wherever there is handset signal.


• Incorporate sales management into the overall company information management via mobile network

• Track how many clients the sales have visited and ensure a punctual response to clients´ request

• Better serve the clients and increase the enterprises´ competence

the sales

• Strengthen sales executive ability, reduce sales cost and increase the sales revenues


SIMap special card:help to realize SIM/UIM card locating application

SIMap locating management system


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