SIManagement OTA Outlet solution@Watchdata

MNOs are facing several problems for SIM card sales, like uneven allocation of number resources, cost increase, inefficient sales channel management, geographical outlet limitation, etc. Is there a solution that could solve all those problems?

Watchdata´s SIManagement solution is an OTA mobile service solution based on SIM card, through SMS/GPR. It brings PKI system into wireless network to ensure security.

With SIManagement solution, many mobile services including card issuance, SIM card personalization, card replacement, add-on services and price plan selection can easily be delivered to mobile subscribers at an agent.

Using this application, a subscriber can select phone numbers on-demand via OTA easily and efficiently. The agent does personalization of the SIM card with the selected phone number via OTA. After a successful personalization, the agent is now ready to issue the card to the subscriber.

Operators do not have to allocate unnecessary number resources to their retail outlet agents anymore. The retail agents do not have to buy numbers in advance that they cannot sell.

SIManagement tool kit comes with a compact terminal that can do everything that a mobile operator retail outlet can do. It is suitable for hard-to-reach rural areas that require mobile services without setting up a physical retail outlet. Operator agents equipped with the portable terminal can fulfill all the work that a mobile retail outlet can accomplish. They could easily provide services such as number selection, card issuance via OTA and immediate card activation.


telecom operators

• Reasonable allocation of number resources

• Develop more retail outlets: easy to operate, free of time and geographical limitation.

• Reduce the cost: fewer top-up cards, less equipment cost, only blank cards are needed.

• Improve service through enriched service models.

• Increase card sales revenues: more cards are sold because of easier sales channels and wider scope for number resources.

• Open to other businesses: city card, NFC payment, etc.

the agents

• Reduces SIM card storage and cost

• Reduces equipment cost through the use of wireless network

• Share number resources with other agents and boost card sales

• Easier business operation

• Increases revenues and profits

• Even out the number resource allocation

the subscribers

• Convenience: Subscriber can buy a number from bigger number of agents rather than a limited number of retail outlets.

• More choices of numbers: Since the number resources are shared between agents, subscribers can choose their favorite number in real time.


• Brings PKI system into wireless network to ensure security.

• Free from time and geographical limitation through the use of SMS or GPRS

• Help telecom operators to expand their sales channels and occupy a bigger market share cost effectively


Special SIM card: a card that supports OTA, RSA, etc.

Blank card: a card without personalized data including IMS, KI, etc.

Card writing terminal

SIManagement OTA Platform

Mobile agent activates the OTA Number Selector through a STK menu that generates the public/private key pair. The Number Selector server verifies the agent´s digital signatures. After passing the verification, the server will send SMS message with the available phone numbers to the mobile agent. The subscriber picks the desired phone number and the agent does the personalization. After the successful personalization, the agent can now issue the card.


In 2008, when a terrible earthquake hit the Sichuan province, local operators used the SIManagement compact terminal in order to recover mobile communication faster. This helped saves peoples´ lives during a time of terrible disaster by providing the fastest solution to help people communicate and coordinate search and rescue operations. So far, Watchdata's SIManagement has been successfully used by China Mobile branches covering over 12 provinces in China.