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As 3G mobile business develops, the number of subscribers shoots up. Among them are business travelers who need to change their SIM/UIM card or apply for a re-issued SIM/UIM card when they move from one city to another.

Usually, a telecom retail outlet will store different kinds of personalized SIM/UIM cards based on subscribers' number scope and capacity demand. However, this operation model proves to be inefficient.

First, the card issuance cannot be monitored, which means one type of card might be sold out when other types pile up in storage. Money is also stuck there.

Secondly, outlet workers have to spend a lot of time in looking for the right card. Subscribers may get less satisfied due to the long waiting time.

Thirdly, the chief worker has to take rounds of card check once in a while. That is also plenty of extra work.

Last but not least, card managers cannot analyze and predict the market by lack of an effective real-time management system.

WD-RPS Remote Card Writing Solution separates card numbers from cards. The agent uses a special terminal, via internet or mobile network and writes on a blank card the personalized data and issue cards in real time. With the wireless network, like SMS or GPRS, the card issuance is secured by PKI system and made possible anytime and anywhere.


WD-RPS Remote Card Writing Solution supports the functions below:

    • Cross-district card issuance, re-issuance and replacement over the air

    • Card sales analysis

    • Telecom package service


telecom operators

• Innovative card issuance model that reduces card storage cost and card issuance time

• Better management of card number resources to make the best of them

• Better experience for subscribers to enhance their loyalty

• Increase their SIM/UIM card market share by effective card sales monitoring and analysis


• Convenience: They could enjoy services including number selection, card writing and account opening all at once.

• Shared numbers: Subscribers now have more choices of card numbers compare with the previously limited number resources.


Blank card: a card without personalization data like IMSI, UIMID, etc.

Terminal: a reader that is used to write on cards at the agent

WD-RPS Remote Card Writing Platform