WD-RPM Remote Payment Management Solution@Watchdata

People are getting busy these days. Public utility payment may just slip from their mind, which could make things really inconvenient if the power or water is off at their house. Is it possible that they could pay at any time and place, as they like?

There are two methods: via internet or cell phone. For the first choice, security is a concern. People may prefer to queue in a bank rather than putting their private information at risk. For the second, Watchdata launched WD-RPM Remote Payment Management solution to guarantee the security.

Through this solution, subscribers could pay for public utility or other merchandise via SMS or GPRS. They can also download e-ticket and discount coupons over the air. Watchdata brought in WPKI technology to ensure the security.


For telecom operators, the solution could enhance the subscriber's loyalty and increase subscription rate.

For banks and public utility providers, it eases their pressure on retail outlets and reduces outlet operation cost.


SIM card or a SIMpass card

WD-UPCP management platform or other account management platform

X-10smart card reader


A picture to show how the solution works:


Mobile Electricity Purchase in Tanfang city, China

Mobile Electricity Purchase in Dongguan city, China

E-Ticket download system in Xiamen city, China

E-Ticket download system of China Telecom in Fujian