ERP2 System@Watchdata

Electronic Road Paring (ERP) System is an effective approach to solve the road congestion problems in major cities. ERP2 system is the next generation ERP system based on GNSS and other positioning technologies and is able to provide congestion charging based on charging points, charging zone or travel distance. With ERP2 system, the authority for the congestion management can set the charging plan for congestion control with great flexibility. The ERP2 system, can also be used to collect traffic data information from vehicles and disseminate traffic and other information to the vehicle users. Many value added services can be developed and added on to the ERP2 System.


Singapore ERP2 SET Project

Watchdata was awarded the system evaluation test for next generation ERP Ssytem (ERP2 SET) by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore in May 2011. Watchdata conducted the ERP2 SET project during June 2011 to December 2012, including OBU for accurate positioning, Fixed and Mobile Enforcement System, in both controlled environment and public streets. The successful completion of Singapore ERP2 SET shows that satellite based ERP system is a viable solution to solve the congestion problems in large cities, with huge potential opportunities for value added applications and services.