PSAM card@Watchdata

The biggest advantage of smart cards is the application of high security reflected in two-card authentication mechanism. To meet the requirement for secure authentication, Watchdata promoted TimeCOS® PSAM card, usually inserted in a finance or transportation terminal as a secure authentication card. Shaped as a small card, it saves the main keys, authenticates user card´s validity and ensures the security of the payment. Specially designed for the fast access and payment transaction application, it has tapped into mass transit and many other fields.


  • Data capacity: 16K/32K/64K
  • Working temperature: -25 ~ +85°C
  • Working voltage choices: 1.8V, 3.0V and 5.0V
  • Supports ISO/IEC 7816 T=0 communication protocol
  • Inside clock frequency up to 30MHz
  • Passed PSAM function and security test of Bankcard Testing Center
  • High-speed communication up to 224kbps
  • High-speed arithmetic speed, with one 3DES finished within only 10 microseconds
  • High security: supports PK function, RSA1024-bit algorithm and PKI system
  • More than 500K times of erase
  • Variety of capacity choices for different customers


Early back in 1999, Watchdata provided PSAM card for China Ministry of Construction in Shanghai East Transportation card project. To date, Watchdata PSAM card has been used in over 100 projects including construction, railway, public transportation toll collection, etc. It is installed on bus onboard machines, Electronic taximeters, AFCs, highway toll collection terminals, top-up terminals, terminals for public utility, etc.