Embedded Security Access Module (ESAM)@Watchdata

ESAM is widely used as a secure data carrier in the financial, telecommunications, transportation and other areas. ESAM embedded security control module, using a dedicated smart card chip module package (DIP or COB) form, uses Watchdata´s proprietary operating system TimeCOS® embedded security. It also features anti-detection, anti-attack, self-destruction and other data protection characteristics.

Each ESAM has a unique serial number, which enables it to be the only identifier of equipment, which not only saves the keys and related data, but also fulfills functions including encryption/decryption, bi-directional authentication, visit access control, communication route protection and temporary key export through algorithms inside. Customized software could also be put and operate independently inside the ESAM chip. So far, Watchdata ESAM has been widely used in smart equipment that needs encryption or authentication.


• Complies with ISO/IEC 7816-1/2/3/4

• Complies with China Financial IC Card Standards


Back in 1999, Beijing kicked off its pre-paid electricity-metering project, which is based on smart card technology. The completely pre-paid system is comprised of issuance/management system of the electricity company, card issuance and electricity purchase system of the banks and household smart metering system. To use the electricity, users just need to insert one Watchdata´s pre-paid smart card into the electricity meter with an ESAM. Pre-paid metering ensures timely electricity fees collection and enhances consumers´ awareness of saving electricity. Watchdata shipped 5.2 million ESAMs and 5.2 million pre-paid electricity cards.