Elfopass (Mini card-Fashionable Non-Card Form Factor)@Watchdata

Non-card form factor is an alternative product form of standard contactless card. The stylish and fashionable look, together with its durability makes it very attractive to fashion lovers.

The demand for fashion follows when people´s lives improve. Having unique characteristics is what everybody wants to be or wants their offerings to be. Due to this reason, non-card form factor was introduced and has been drawing a lot of attention. The non-card form factor has such various forms other than the standard card, such as square, triangle, oval and so forth. Some are presented as key chains, accessories, watch and many others. To date, non-card form factor has been used widely in big cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian.

As a leading smart card provider in the world, Watchdata has shipped over 30 million contactless microprocessor cards for global transportation. At present, Watchdata is not only producing secure and efficient microprocessor cards but also working on new form factors to broaden their application scope to satisfy our customers.


• Single interface contactless smart card

• Complies with ISO/IEC 14443

• Complies with PBOC2.0 specification

• Communication signal interface supports Type A/B

• Adopts low-power contactless smart card chip which has passed CC EAL5+Certification

• Faster transaction speed


• Better security: supports single-DES, 3DES functions and writing key with cryptograph


Non-card form factor is a new choice for operators and users.

The advanced antenna and packaging technology and strict quality control has enabled the product with high durability and longer product life. It can even work well under very harsh environment.

For the operators who issue them, non-card form factors increase the customers´ loyalty as an innovative service model.

For enterprises that use non-card form factors for branding, non-card form factors could be a highly acceptable and appealing tool.


In 2009, Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card (BMAC) began to issue non-card form factors in Beijing. This provided new choices for users and enhanced BMAC´s brand image.