TimeCOS® FLY--Contactless Smart Card@Watchdata

Watchdata´s TimeCOS® FLY contactless smart card has passed the highest chip security test, CC EAL5+ and the e-purse/deposit test for bankcard by the Bankcard Testing Center, the most authoritative third-party testing center in China. As the only card that has passed SPA/DPA anti-attack test in the recent 4 years, TimeCOS® FLY features high security, ease of use and fast transaction speed. It has been adopted by several cities with 10-million scale smart card projects including Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen and many others. To date, over 30 million TimeCOS® FLY cards have been shipped for the global transportation.

As a contactless payment tool, TimeCOS® FLY card could be used for bus, subway, taxi, convenience stores, etc. The users do not have to worry about the security as the microprocessor smart card provides better security features.



• Complies with ISO/IEC 14443 Part 1-4

• Complies with PBOC2.0 e-purse/deposit application and international contactless payment standards

• Anti- DPA/SPA attack

• Chip security: CC EAL 5+

• Standard PBOC e-purse transaction time is controlled within 150ms

• Supports anti-plug-in, anti-pull-out and power off to protect data


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